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 2023/2024 Season Tuition  

Pre-Ballet                                     $60/month

Beginner 1                                   $75/month

Beginner 2                                   $175/month

Beginner 3                                   $225/month

Intermediate 1                             $250/month

Intermediate 2                             $315/month

Intermediate 3                             $350/month

Advanced                                     $475/month

Jr Trainee Supplement              + $200/month

Adult Punch card $175/10 class, single $20

* The season is mid-August through Memorial Day. Separate summer programming is available for some ages. Please visit Classes & Programs -> Summer Programs for more information. 


Parent and Student Handbook & Code of Conduct

Dress Code


Ladies: Pink tights, any leotard. Shirts or modest tutus are welcome. Hair in a bun or ponytail.

Gentlemen: Black tights or any fitted athletic pants, any t-shirt or tank top.

All: ballet slippers of any color. Split sole style is highly recommended.


Beginning 1-3

Ladies: “Ballet pink” colored tights, black leotard, split-sole canvas ballet slippers with ¾”-1” ribbons stitched at elastic. Short ballet skirts may be worn for rehearsals only; no skirts in technique class. Hair in a neat and secure bun.

Gentlemen: Black tights, white t-shirt, black or white canvas black split-sole ballet slippers.

Intermediate - Advanced



  • “Ballet Pink” colored tights (not European Pink colored.)

  • Black leotard *

  • Short ballet Skirts are allowed, but plan to be flexible should a teacher prefer you remove it during class. Long skirt may be worn to rehearsals but not technique class. Black ballet (short) skirts are not required for classes, but you will need one for exams, class demonstrations and some performance opportunities. Please have one in your personal dancewear collection. Absolutely no skirts, bloomers or over garments of any kind are allowed in pas de deux classes or partnering rehearsals.

  • Black tights, bloomers, jazz pants, or running shorts with bare legs are allowed for contemporary and modern classes.

  • Black tea length character skirt for levels with character classes. Black character shoes.

  • Jewelry allowed at the instructors discretion and may need to be removed.


  • All Ballet, Pointe, Character, Pas de Deux, Repertoire classes & rehearsals: neat and secure bun.  

  • Modern, Contemporary, Composition classes: bun, neat ponytail, or full braids.


  • Pink split sole ballet slippers with ribbons for all ballet technique classes

  • Pink pointe shoes. Pointe shoes must be matted for all performances

  • Black character shoes. 

  • Nude ballet slippers without ribbons for modern and contemporary classes and performances

  • Black Jazz shoes for some performances and are optional for class. (You can wait to purchase these until prior to performances where they are needed.)


Black tights, white t-shirt, black or white canvas, split-sole ballet slippers**. For contemporary classes you may wear black tanks/t-shirts and shorts if you'd like.

* You may wear any black leotard to class but each student will need a simple camisole style leotard for exams and class demonstrations. (No decorations, fancy straps, etc.) Other leotards may be needed on occasion for performances. We strive to make these affordable and accessible. Colored or patterned leotards may be worn for Saturday classes and rehearsals only.  Black leotards are required for all auditions regardless of the day of the week in which they fall.

** Gentlemen will need both black and white ballet slippers and tights for performances.

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