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Interim Classes


Don’t let your strength and endurance gains from Summer Intensives wane! CBA offers Summer Interim classes from July TBD – August TBD. Participating dancers will start their season prepared for fall level placement assessments and Nutcracker auditions. 

Flexible enrollment by the day, week, or entire 4 week session is available. All classes are Monday - Thursday, 4:00pm - 7:00pm.


Classes are open to early-pointe through professional dancers; ages 9 and and up. Dancers from outside CBA are welcome to attend.

1 day $40 
1 week $130

2 weeks $220

3 weeks $310

4 weeks $385

Weekly enrollment discounts are for full weeks of attendance only so that we may plan faculty.

If you are registering for partial weeks, please register with the daily option.

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