COVID-19 Updates

Classical Ballet Academy's goal is to provide safe in-person instruction to our dancers while keeping our faculty and students healthy. Please check back regularly for updates. We thank you for your patience, understanding and support during this period of uncertainty. We believe in the power of dance to inspire, energize and bring us together.

Illness Etiquette

With any communicable illness, Covid or otherwise, please be courteous and excuse yourself/your dancer from our spaces where they may get their peers or techers sicks.

  • Mask wearing is no longer required, but is strongly encouraged. CBA strongly encourages use of masks for dancers, staff, and visitors. 

  • When you make your decision about whether you (or your child) will wear a mask, please consider that we have dancers that either are or have close relatives who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 due to age or medical conditions. In addition, please keep in mind our teachers, many of whom have professional obligations outside of our studio that they will be unable to fulfill for several days if they get COVID - no matter how mild.

  • Please be aware that a variety of factors and circumstances may cause us to change this policy at any time in the future. Please know that the decisions we make are after thoughtful consideration of many factors and are made with the best interests of our dancers, faculty, and staff in mind. 

There is no change in our policy on exposure and illness:

  • In case of exposure to an individual with COVID-19: (note: these instructions pertain to expectations of the studio and do not address medical care. Please contact your healthcare provider for medical care and guidance.) 

    • Those who are not vaccinated or whose vaccination status is not up to date (including those who are eligible for but have not had a booster) and are exposed to COVID are required to 

      • (1) stay home (do not come to the studio) for (a minimum of) 5 full days after exposure; 

      • (2) obtain a COVID-19 test on day 5;

      • (3) wear a well fitting mask in the studio from return to the studio on day 6 through day 10.

    • If you are up-to-date on your vaccination, including a full series and booster (if eligible)

      • (1) wear a well fitting mask in the studio from return to the studio through day 10; 

      • (2) obtain a COVID-19 test on day 5;

  • In the case of illness with possible COVID-19 or if you test positive for COVID-19:

    • If you test positive for COVID-19, you should stay home and isolate and not come to the studio.

    • If you have symptoms of COVID-19 and you have not been tested or you are waiting for test results, you should isolate and not come to the studio.

    • The duration of isolation varies. Please contact your physician for instructions. 

    • You may not return to the studio for at least 10 full days and you must be asymptomatic. Please contact the studio for further guidance.  

Social Distancing

It is still recommended by the CDC that individuals who are not household members keep 6 feet of distance. We ask that students and trainees do their best to maintain this distance. This includes both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.



For those whose schedule involves eating lunch or dinner while on premises, individuals may eat in the lounge. We ask that individuals remain socially distanced from others in the room.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please contact us with any questions.